About SOS

The industry is at a transformational time in the submarine cable space, and there is a need to come together and exchange ideas and insights and work together toward cultivating a culture of innovation and collaboration across the entire sector.

The goal of APTelecom’s ‘State of Subsea’ event series is to establish a forum for all industry players, and to improve the communication within the submarine cable industry for new models and ideas as a younger generation moves into the space.

About APTelecom
APTelecom, LLC., is a 501(c), award-winning telecom and fiber consulting company specializing in emerging markets.

In August, 2015 APTelecom was honored with as Bronze Winner for the ‘Most Socially or Environmentally Responsible Company of the Year’ category in Best in Biz Awards 2015 International based on its 2015 State of Subsea event. APTelecom’s ‘State of Subsea’ Bangkok event was held at the world-renowned ToT Academy in Bangkok, Thailand to help bring awareness to the location. The ToT Academy is one of the largest and most respected educational facilities for telecommunications professionals across the world, equipped with dedicated training workshop venues, classrooms, and campus amenities. A $2,500 USD check was presented on behalf of APTelecom and ‘State of Subsea’ to Friends International, whose mission is to save lives and build futures of the most marginalized children and young people across Southeast Asia. APTelecom will always continue to support charitable programs based on the CSR vision and commitment made when the company was established.